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Step into the world of Sparkle Talenta Sasada – Your Gateway to Digital Marketing Triumph! Whether you’re a creative visionary or a dynamic brand who is looking for excellent agency, we stand by you in mastering the digital domain. Our all-encompassing digital marketing services are tailored to boost engagement, spur growth, and deliver concrete outcomes. With our synergistic method and skilled team, your brand’s individuality will radiate. Light up the digital arena – team up with us today and commence your voyage to digital eminence.

We’ve Got You Covered

Branding & Marketing

Supercharge your brand with our top-notch Branding & Marketing services. We create strong brand identities and smart marketing strategies that connect. Let’s work together to make a big impact and boost your business. Stand out in today’s competitive world – team up with us for simple and effective branding and marketing solutions.

Creative Content Conceptor

Elevate your brand with captivating content concepts from Creative Content Conceptor. Our expert team crafts engaging ideas that fuel online success. Ignite conversations, enhance SEO, and stand out in the digital landscape. Partner with us for content that resonates and drives results.

KOL Management

Empower your brand through strategic KOL management. We excel at fostering influential partnerships, expanding your reach, and driving authentic engagement. Amplify your message with our expertise in connecting brands with the right Key Opinion Leaders. Elevate your impact, partner with us for KOL management that delivers.

Campaign Handler

Experience a revolutionary shift in campaign management through Campaign Handler. Our platform simplifies tracking, enhances efficiency, and ensures remarkable results. Navigate today’s competitive landscape with confidence, employing a powerful tool that streamlines your strategies for optimal success. Elevate your campaign management game and achieve excellence like never before.

Provide 20.000+ creators

Discover a vast network of over 20,000 creators ready to elevate your brand. Our platform simplifies the process of connecting with influencers, streamlining collaboration for impactful campaigns. Harness the power of authentic voices to amplify your message, boost engagement, and achieve your brand goals like never before.

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In today’s digital landscape, businesses strive to streamline user engagement by leveraging the power of multi-platform connectivity. By embracing versatile tools and technologies, we can seamlessly bridge the gap between our brand and users across diverse platforms, from social media and websites to mobile apps and email campaigns.

This holistic approach not only enhances accessibility but also fosters stronger relationships, as users can interact effortlessly wherever they prefer. With a unified strategy, we simplify the user experience, ensuring they feel heard, valued, and catered to, regardless of the channel they choose.

This makes it easier than ever to forge lasting connections and drive meaningful engagement.


Success Stories

The team of Sasada Sparkle have helped us understand the importance of utilizing (regional) KOLs and their leverage over traditional marketing channels. 

Since the match making, Sasada has helped Plures Proventus and its clients deliver high-converting content that is seen by tens of millions of people.

We are very happy with Sasada, and will continue to work to increase the conversions and revenues of our clients!

Indy Rottier

Plures Proventus Company

Working with Sparkle team has been very smooth and straightforward.

They have been  helpful and great at communicating, I have had a really

positive experience.

Samantha Helen

Creator from London, United Kingdom

Working with Sparkle as creator has been a total game changer! I’ve leveled up in making cool Lemon8 content. And those weekly meetings? Lifesavers when I’m out of fresh ideas. Super helpful 🫶🏻✨

Jessie Angelica

Creator from Indonesia

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Phone number : +6281249765760
Support : Monday – Friday

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Company number: 90631757
Address : Blikhoek 72, s-Heerenhoek, The Netherlands.
Phone number : +31 6 82430560
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